Hi, welcome to my website!

It includes basic info about me, links to my profiles on more “career-oriented” websites and my few (hopefully more and more through the time) notes on different topics.

It’s also a part of a “lifestyle” I’ve dreamt about when I was much younger. I wanted to have a solid understanding of computers and to be able to “tell them to do something for me”. I thought that it would be great to have my own part of the Web and actively develop some software. And I’m very happy it’s happening right now, I’m just living my dream :).

Currently I’m a software developer working on games for Sperasoft in Kraków, Poland, living there. I’ve studied mathematics in Wrocław (also in Poland) and, beside that, I’ve been doing a lot of different things as hobbies: drawing, biking, playing football, 3D modelling, hiking, travelling, teaching math&programming and so on.