Some time ago I was thinking about (and looking for) a program for taking notes. Simple, small, one that will be “around”, but won’t disturb, covering part of screen. I’ve been using rofi for a while and I wanted to have something similar. After a quick look at Useful scripts page I realized that with –dmenu option (which allows you to use your input to show in the rofi window) solution is obvious – I can keep all in a single file and modify it with rofi. So I wrote this script I called rofi_notes to push and pull notes:


Text format allows me to use the whole zoo of command line tools to manage them automatically and connect it with other things I use every day, e.g. i3pystatus, which you can see below – the number on the right of the exclamation indicates how many notes I currently have (on the left you can notice workspaces, on the right from notes info: weather, uptime, free space, used memory and load).


As I mention, you can moreover use tools like sort and cut to e.g. put priorities on your list – just modify my script to put a priority number at the first column and hide numbers before passing them to rofi. Or display only five first items. Or show the first note on the status bar. Or… you can change this little script to send inserted note on your e-mail address or… put it into the calendar, if you passed date. With rofi the sky it the limit ;-).